May 27, 2013

Why is the Sacrifice of American Blood and Treasure Worth Memorializing—Because God IS

“Man is abnormal now [due to his collective and individual choice of sin]…. On this basis, we can have a real ground for fighting evil, including social evil and social injustice. Modern man has no real basis for fighting evil, because he sees man as normal, whether he comes out of the paneverythingism of the east, or modern liberal theology, or out of the paneverythingism of everything’s being reduced, including man, to only the energy particle. But the Christian has, he can fight evil … because God did not make things as they are now, as man in his cruelty has made them [which is not cruel if man merely operates according to biochemical evolutionary programming]. God did not make man cruel, and he did not make the results of man’s cruelty. These are abnormal, contrary to what God made.” —Francis Schaeffer, He is There, and He is Not Silent

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