May 11, 2013

Fall BMATS Registration Now Open 

Fall registration for The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, Arkansas campus is now open (as is the main campus). For those thinking about enrolling in my Hebrew program, here’s my commitment to you. If you enroll and complete the program, at minimum you’ll learn Hebrew well enough to have your personal devotional/everyday Bible study in your Hebrew Bible. You’ll also be able to use Hebrew as a practical tool in your ministry. Here’s what you get with us that you likely won’t get elsewhere regardless of how much you pay:

• In addition to the three semesters required for the M.Div., I typically conduct an off-campus summer long Hebrew reading seminar (for free) between semesters 2 & 3 to ensure that students progress beyond what is typical M.Div. proficiency (additional options for advanced study available)
• Devotional study of the Hebrew Bible is a passion of mine, not merely a job or academic exercise; my desire is for every student to fellowship intimately with God through meditation in their original language Bible 
• For over 15 years, I have taught 5 biblical/theological research languages to students ranging from age 8 to 78, from diverse ethnic and sociological backgrounds; if you finish the program, I’m confident you’ll have the skills outlined in the course objectives; I'm also confident that on completion, our students will test higher than those at almost any North American equivalent

To enroll, go this link:


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