Jan 6, 2014

Codex L: Daily Commentary and Photo-texts of the Leningrad Codex

Codex Leningradensis is the oldest complete Hebrew Bible.  Additionally, it is the primary source text for the Hebrew Bibles used by scholars and which provides the basis of our OT translations.  As a Biblical Hebrew professor, I'm delighted to be able to work through my own copy (facsimile edition) at my leisure, and to use it in my personal research and teaching.  Like others, I'm deeply grateful to Eerdmans and Brill publishers for undertaking this project and making it available.  Unfortunately, but understandably, it is very expensive to acquire a personal copy, so it is relatively inaccessible.  However, I encourage all theological libraries to obtain a copy for use by their faculty and students.  To highlight the value of Codex L, I’ve provided a list of some photo-texts I have worked through with my students (for the complete list, see here, but these are random and you'll see a few pics of other things, too).  

I'm currently cataloging these photo-texts, along with other related texts, below for my students and others interested in OT studies.  Feel free to peruse these, or if you are interested in receiving daily pic.s (tweets) of texts gradually working through the OT, with commentary on textual and paratextual elements, as well interpretations/explanations of the Masorah Parvah, textual apparatus, and thoughts from key issues related to the ancients witnesses, see here.  

These have at times corresponded to daily tweets of select passages from the LXX (Greek OT) from @ibexdr, see here.  Note: Codex L pics. are taken from The Leningrad Codex, facsimile edition, Wm B. Eerdmans and Brill Academics Publishers; you may find it here, be sure to see my review as well. 

2 Sam 11:1;
 (Masorah Parva in right margin)

A. Codex L Carpet Page
B. Isaiah 40:3 (LXXCodex L; MT DiagrammedHNTMark 1:3Codex A Mark 1:3); 
C. Jonah
D. Psalm 145 (Reconstructed in Paleo-Hebrew)
E. Ruth 

F. Samuel
2 Samuel 11:1ff 2 Samuel 12:5-7 2 Samuel 12:22, 23 (Note: photo-text is mislabeled) 2 Samuel 12:11b-15 (see here for diagram)

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