Apr 18, 2013

America’s Arab Spring

An Observation on the Rapidity of America’s Postmodern Renaissance

Here in America, we are in the midst of an Arab Spring.  We are not Arabs, and we are not violent.  Yet, America’s stunningly rapid, hateful rejection of her Judeo-Christian heritage is a full-on revolution—in thought. Postmodernism does not accept the possibility of truth—it re-purposes, recreates, falsifies, it is revisionist in character.  It treats truth like a cheap, discarded yard sale item.  Like the Sophists of Syracuse in 5th cent. BC Greece, truth is exchanged for persuasive oratory and individual success. 

Revolutions are never un-violent, and so we are in the middle of a violent conflict of ideas, an exchange of worldviews.  A wave of postmodern thought is sweeping over our country and drowning all not attached to a life-boat.  To re-purpose the words of the 19 century British Prime Minister/philosopher, Benjamin Disraeli, we are becoming “the slaves of false knowledge; that our memories are filled with ideas that have no origin in truth; … and, like the nations of the East, pay divine honours to the maniac and the fool."

 *After a few moments more of thought, I added the line in bold.  The previous line kept conjuring up ideas of some HGTV show that turns trash into treasure by re-purposing unwanted items.  But in this case, the situation is in reverse--treasure is put on the refuse heap, or sold to the neighbor with the most change in hand.  So, this is an edit from my FB note.

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